Family Recipes... what not to do

When I was little, I loved going to my grandmother’s house because she made this dessert that was positively amazing. She called it Cake and Dip and basically it was a white cake with this brown sugar sauce that we wanted every single time we went to visit. So why am I telling you all of this??

Because no one thought to ask Nanny for the recipe. No One! Nanny passed away in the mid 1970s and to this day we have tried to duplicate the recipe but no one can get it quite right. Someone would suddenly remember that they think she added a little vinegar to the recipe, another family member was sure that she burned the brown sugar first, but still, we can't duplicate the flavor. So, if your grandmother has a recipe that is like nothing you have ever tasted, take the time and ask her for the recipe. Better yet, go for a visit, ask her to make it in front of you and write down everything she says as she makes it.  That is the only way to preserve those heirloom recipes that need to be passed down from generation to generation. For me, it's too late. Don't make my mistake.

Yes I Can!!

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