Left Over Turkey Ideas... and a Recipe...

1. Soup... and it doesn't even need to be homemade. Take your favorite canned soup and then add big chunks of turkey. Your canned soup just became homemade and out of this world.

2. Sandwich... This is almost my favorite part of Christmas. We always make twice as much stuffing than we need and the same goes for cranberry sauce. Now layer both over thick layers of turkey. No one can make a sandwich with as much love as leftovers from Christmas Dinner!

3. Pizza... We always keep pizza dough in the freezer so that we can whip up pizza any time we might want a slice... and if you want your pizza to feature meat that is fat free, turkey is always our first choice.

4. Turkey Pie... with biscuit crust... I almost passed this recipe up until I read about the biscuit crust. That was it! I was hooked. And here is the recipe that did it!

5 Hot Turkey Sandwiches... I nearly forgot about this as it really isn't my favorite, but it sure was a favorite of my dads. I can still remember stopping at a restaurant on our way home from my grandparents and this was his treat.

Curried Turkey

* 1 package (10 ounces) frozen broccoli spears, cooked and drained
* 2 cups cooked turkey, cubed
* 1 can (10 1/2 ounces) reduced-sodium cream of mushroom soup
* 1/4 cup reduced calorie mayonnaise
* 1 1/2 teaspoons lemon juice
* 1 teaspoon curry powder
* 1 cup seasoned croutons

This is an incredibly easy recipe, one that even a brand new cook should be able to pull off. All you need to do is arrange your broccoli spears in a baking dish... one that's about 9x9 or so. Add your left over turkey and set aside. In a separate bowl, combine the remaining ingredients, pour over the broccoli and the turkey. Sprinkle with croutons and pop into the oven. Bake for about a half hour in a 350 degree oven and serve.

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Dining Room Measuring Spoons

I have several sets of measuring spoons that I have collected over the years, but none of them look this ornate. I'm not even sure that I would use them. They are almost too pretty!!

Dining room Measuring Spoons from Antropology


Metal Letter Ornaments Gold Set of 26-Home Decor

Find a bare spot on your kitchen wall and then choose your word... I personally like "Wish" but you get to choose your own word. It have been marked down big time... go and check them out. We have one of these stores just around the corner and their stuff is amazing!!

Metal Letter Ornaments Gold Set of 26-Home Decor
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Butter Mint Pillows Cookie Recipe at WomansDay.com - Holiday Dessert Recipes

Western-pack shape butterImage via Wikipedia
 I had no idea that a recipe for these mints was even available. Not sure but making these might be a real big mistake on my part! But hey, it's Christmas!

Butter Mint Pillows Cookie Recipe at WomansDay.com - Holiday Dessert Recipes
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Saving on Christmas Dinner!!

Christmas Dinner ~ Elegant Saxophone Quintet

1. Dinner eally doesn't have to be so big that you could feed the street.

2. Ask each person to bring something to contribute. This helps out a lot when the family keeps growing and growing. In our family, we now have new wives and boyfriends to add to the number. It won't be long before there will be lots of kids to bring up the numbers.

3. Decide on the menu before hand. That way, you can do some of the baking before hand and then put it into the freezer.

4. If you spot a flyer offering money saving coupons on something you never planned on serving... simply re-work your menu to make it work.

5. Don't ignore generic brands. More often than not, no one will even guess that they aren't name brand. I know that we use them all the time and no one has complained yet!!

6. If you try a wine in a restaurant that you particularly liked, pick up a bottle to serve at dinner or ask for more inexpensive alternatives. Trust me, you can pick up great wines without breaking the bank!

7. Instead of hosting dinner... you might want to consider eating out. We have done this a few times and while it probably won't be cheaper than using some of the tips above, having someone serve you and having no washing up to do afterward is worth every penny!


One Grandmother... One Frying Pan

Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron 8-Inch Skillet

My grandmother went all through her life with ONE cast iron frying pan... and I'm thinking of adding to my own collection. They are so convenient and from what I can tell, they never dent or warp... and I've done my fare share of denting and warping baking pans, but that is for another post lol... I like my recipes and my cooking pots fail proof. Cast iron so far hasn't failed me ;) So here's a pan to get you started! They have certainly come down in price!

And did I mention that she even baked all of her cakes in the same frying pan! And yes, we are almost positive that THAT is the reason we can't duplicate her recipes!

Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron 8-Inch Skillet

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Amazon.com: Blackberry Syrup: Gourmet Food

For those times when you don't feel like hot chocolate. This tastes amazingly good with soda water... and even better when you drizzle it over ice cream!

Amazon.com: Blackberry Syrup: Gourmet Food
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Banoffee Pie

Here's your ingredient list... if you have everything head over to the link for the How-To!

1-1/2 cups (375 mL) graham cracker crumbs
1/3 cup (75 mL) unsalted butter, melted
Pinch salt
1/2 cup (125 mL) dulce de leche
3 bananas, cut into 3-1/2-inch (1 cm) thick slices
1-1/4 cups (300 mL) whipping cream
2 tsp (10 mL) granulated sugar
3/4 tsp (4 mL) vanilla
1/4 tsp (1 mL) finely ground instant coffee granules (optional)"

**Banoffee Pie - the rest of the directions

Now I think that this would be one of those recipes that you couldn't ruin... so no need to wait until after Christmas to give it a whirl!

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KNotted Mug

Of all the things that one could collect, I have this thing for mugs... it's the handle! I love it and am hoping that I find it in my stocking on Christmas morning, filled with chocolate. Hey, I can dream can't I??

The Knotted Mug at Anthropologie.com

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My Spicy Hot Chocolate to Avoid the Winter Blahs

Did you know that the first hot chocolate actually contained peppers. I guess that helped to warm it up even more! And here's a recipe that you might want to try. Yes, I found one that contained a chili pepper!

2 cups boiling water
1 chili pepper, cut in half, seeds removed (with gloves)
5 cups whole milk
1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise
1 to 2 cinnamon sticks
8 ounces bittersweet chocolate
2 tablespoons granulated sugar to taste
l nutmeg to be grated as needed
Whipped cream

Using a large pot, add the chili pepper to your boiling water and simmer until you are left with one cup of water. Pull out the chili pepper and then strain the water. Put aside until we next need it.

Turn the stove to a setting for medium heat and combine the milk, vanilla bean and cinnamon stick. As soon as you notice bubbles appear around the edge of the pot, reduce the heat to low and then add your chocolate and sugar. Whisk the milk until the chocolate has melted and the sugar has dissolved. Shut off the heat, remove the vanilla bean and the cinnamon stick and then add the spicy water bit by bit. You get to do a bit of taste testing until the taste is just right! Depending on how you like your hot chocolate, you might find the mixture a little thicker than you might like. If that is the case, all you have to do is add a little more milk!

Serve in glass cups, with a nice dollop of whipping cream and a little nutmeg grated on top!

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Cranberry Pumpkin Bread

You might think that pumpkin is just for Thanksgiving... but it isn't. You can have it any time of the year and the cranberries and the walnuts makes it as festive as you want it to be!!


* 4 eggs
* 2 cups pumpkin puree
* 1 cup vegetable oil
* 4 cups sugar
* 4 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
* 2 tablespoons pumpkin pie spice
* 2 teaspoons baking soda
* 1 teaspoon salt
* 1 cup of chopped walnuts
* 4 cups cranberries


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Choose one rather large bowl, add the eggs, pumpkin and oil and then add the dry ingredients one at a time and mix well. This isn't one of those recipes where you are told NOT to stir just until moistened! Now add the cranberries and nuts and continue mixing. With a knife, make a dividing line down the middle of the mixture and then scoop out one half into a greased loaf pan. The remainder will go into a second loaf pan. Bake in the center of your oven for about 50 minutes. Test with a skewer and then turn out of the pan to cool.

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Snowflake Shortbread Pan - Lee Valley Tools

I have seen a lot of shortbread pans that I liked, but this one I fell in love instantly. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I haven't seen any snowflakes as of yet and it is December... so just maybe the sight of a snowflake suddenly is appealing to me.

Snowflake Shortbread Pan - Lee Valley Tools

Yes I Can!!

 Now this is just too cute!! Actually,no I can't but I don't care. I still love the mug haha My Day So Far... Time t...