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I wasn't kidding when I said that I hated to cook. Actually, I don't do very much of the cooking in our house at all. Luckily I married a guy who's first choice was to be a chef. Unfortunately, his family wasn't in position to send him to school  at the time, but I had no problem letting him take over the kitchen when we got married...

Me... I always wanted to be a writer and everything I made went into my dream... to own a home in Florida. That became our business. We have owned the house for about 8 years now and we use it as much as we can and rent it out the rest of the time.  It worked well for us and for our vacationers too. Below the photo of our house, we have listed everything we have to offer and the prices per week.

Yes, this is our house and I would love to live here year round, unfortunately, work keeps us in the north! However, we did build this 3 bedroom vacation home in Port Charlotte, Florida thinking that someday we just might be able to retire here. Until then we don't mind sharing it with you! :) However, we are counting the days until we can live there full time. ;) Can you blame us... the weather is awesome!!.

Do you need some reasons to consider renting our home vs staying in a hotel??

Here are a few things that you might like to think about :)

Add up how much you would spend on a daily basis if you vacationed in a hotel.

You don't have to share the pool... you get one all to yourself.

The house comes with a closet full of towels. You won't run out, trust me.

Fully functioning kitchen for those days when you want to eat in. That should save you tons right there.

The lanai... it has to be my favorite part of the house! Simply slide the wall of glass doors open and the lanai becomes part of the house.

The wildlife... you are going to love the little lizards who love to sun themselves.

The flowers... the colors will simply amaze you!

**Contact 1-800-263-9111 in Canada and ask for the Bragg house.
**1-877-263-9119  in the US an ask for the Bragg house  


Prices for 2014 are as follows...

Rates PER WEEK for 2014:

$1050 Feb 15- Feb 22
$1050 Feb 22 - Mar 1
$1050 Mar 1 - Mar 8
$1050 Mar 8 - Mar 15
$1050 Mar 15 - Mar 22
$1050 Mar 22 - Mar 29
$970.00 Mar 29- April 5
$970.00 Apr 5 - Apr 12

$970.00 Apr 12 - Apr 19
$770.00 April 19- Jun 1
$750.00 June 2 -June 23
$770.00 June 23 - Aug 25
$750.00 Aug 25 - Sept 29
$770.00 Sept 29 - Dec 20
$1050 Dec 21 - Dec 28

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