Under The Kitchen Sink

It really is a mistake to just shove those bottles under there and expect them to stay nice and tidy. You just know that the one you are going to want next is going to be way at the back and it has fallen over and leaked...
Instead, grab a caddy or a little tote and store them all inside. When you need a cleaner, just pull out the entire tote and pick out what you need.
Also Available...Thoughts For An Early Morning
I think that I began to love quotes when I began to thumb through my mom's Women's Day magazines. They always devoted an entire page to quotes that were sent in by their readers. They were so thought provoking. I always looked forward to reading them. 
Stuff That Makes Me Laugh
This is my second most popular blog. It is filled with stuff that I have found during the day. It is so easy to miss the good ones. I hope that you enjoy what I have found!!

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