Rhubarb For Dessert!!

I know that it is early, but I am going to hit up a garden center today to see if I can find some rhubarb crowns to plant. I can still remember mom cooking up a pot full of rhubarb and then for dessert, she would add a can of crushed pineapple. Oddly enough, it went incredibly well together. 
I don't think that I can plant it yet, but at least I will have it when the time comes. Last year I started looking the minute we moved here and couldn't find it anywhere. So, if you want it... grab it  the minute you see it!!
Also Available...Thoughts For An Early Morning
I think that I began to love quotes when I began to thumb through my mom's Women's Day magazines. They always devoted an entire page to quotes that were sent in by their readers. They were so thought provoking. I always looked forward to reading them.
Too Old To Care
This is my second most popular blog. It is filled with videos that I have found during the day. It is so easy to miss the good ones. I hope that you enjoy what I have found!!

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