Are Sharp Knives Really Safer??

To be honest, I am using the oldest paring knife in history. I have no idea just how old it is, but I can't remember when or where I bought it. All I know is that I'm comfortable with it. It doesn't scare me and just looking at new ones in the cooking shops... well they scare me. With my old one, I know what it can do.  I have been using it for years and years!!
Does that make me crazy??  I'm sure that some of you will say Heck Yes! Go out and buy a new one. 
Also Available...Thoughts For An Early Morning
I think that I began to love quotes when I began to thumb through my mom's Women's Day magazines. They always devoted an entire page to quotes that were sent in by their readers. They were so thought provoking. I always looked forward to reading them. 
Stuff I Don't Want To Forget
This is my second most popular blog. It is filled with stuff that I have found during the day. It is so easy to miss the good ones. I hope that you enjoy what I have found!!

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