Before Flavored Lattees

Once upon a time, I ordered coffees that simply were laced with liquers. I think that my favorite was Monte Christo but most of the time, they added a full ounce  of the liquer and that was way too strong... but more about that later.

Then the flavored lattes hit the market and I stopped ordering my all time favorite... the Monte Christo.  For some reason, I started to think about those coffee drinks  and I'm ready to make my own.  They consisted of black coffee, an ounce or so of a liquer and then lots of whip cream. Does it get any better than that??

I was just looking at my drinks cabinet and I have half a bottle of Frangelico and a full bottle of Grand Marnier!  Now all I have to do is stock up on whipping cream and I'm ready to face the winter!

***Just think of the money you will start saving if you can make up your own recipes for coffee!!

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