How to Make Easy Strawberry Jam

I just heard that Kate of Kate and William lol, made jam to give to the Royal family for Christmas. Apparently they love gifts that are homemade. Well, this is a jam that we could all make... even those of us who hate to cook. I might even give it a try for my brother but I think that I will make him a double batch. He will go through these jars in no time flat. Take a look. :)


How to Throw & Host a Large Party or Barbeque- Just a Few Tips and Tricks

No, I don't want to do all of this work, but I would sure love to be invited to something like this. Now wouldn't this be awesome!!

More on my microwave...

Speaking of microwaves... see Jan 18,  when they first arrived on the scene everyone was using them for EVERYTHING.  I even remember goin...