What ever happened to the potato??

When we were kids, we had potatoes for dinner every night. When our kids were little, I don't know if we had them every night, but we were constantly buying bags of them from the supermarket. Now, I can't remember the last time we bought potatoes. I'm kind of craving them today... at least the french fried version. ;)


Cute Little Gift From Your Kitchen

If you make a kick ass barbecue sauce, offer that up in a plain jar, covered with a pinked scrap of gingham fabric and then tie on a  basting brush. The brush can be slipped under the elastic band that is holding on the gingham "hat". Be sure to tie a little ribbon bow around the brush and you are good to go!

This Afternoon's Cooking Quote

"Don't Take Whisks" Unknown   LOL... but it's the taking of "whisks" that produces the best results!! ...