Having Fun With Gadgets

Sometimes being bored has it's perks. I was playing around with Amazon gadgets and found this! Soooo cool!!

The Purple Knife

Yes, this really is a knife. When I first saw it, I thought that maybe you would use it to spread frosting on a cake. Good thing that I read the info.

"Brilliant Monochromatic colors make the pure komachi 2 series a real eye-catcher. But all that fun-loving color has a serious purpose too. The color-coding makes it easy to choose the right knife for the job. It also helps guard against cross-contaminating food-for instance, by using the knife you've just used to cut meat on the vegetables. The bold blade colr is achieved by bonding food-safe fda approved resin to high-carbon stainless-steel blades. This non-stick coating resists corrosion, makes cleaning simple, and hlps the knife glide through food with ease. The pure komachi 2 color-matched handles are lightweight and ergonomically contoured for a comfortable, fatique-reducing grip. Incredible sharp and decidedly attention-getting. Pure komachi 2 knives make a delightful addition to any kitchen."


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... to go on your wish list :)

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