Don't Throw It... Grow It!

Don't Throw It, Grow It!: 68 windowsill plants from kitchen scrapsI have to admit... I never would have thought of this. Can you imagine 68 windowsill plants from kitchen scraps?? Definitely worth checking out!  I knew about the avocado idea, but what else can you grow I wonder??


In Need of Serving Dishes??

In need of serving dishes! Did you ever consider Goodwill?? You could buy as many as you could possibly need at a fraction of the price and each could have a story to tell!


Lemon Chicken... 2 Ingredients

Lemons at the Mercat Central de València, SpainImage via Wikipedia

I am writing this down so I don't forget, but last night my darling daughter who CAN cook served the most incredible chicken off the barbecue... which I have no idea how to turn on either. Anyway, she said that she marinaded the chicken breasts in fresh lemon juice for the entire day and then put them onto the barbecue... must ask her for how long, but I have never tasted chicken that tastes so amazing. I wonder if it would work on fish... don't like the stuff at all, but it's soooo good for you! Must suggest that she try it so I can see. I really should be eating fish at least once a week, but I'm lucky if I manage once a month!

No So Boring Oatmeal For Tonight...

  I'm going to make a Huge pot of oatmeal in the crock pot and when it's done, I'm going to toss in one packet on flavored Ins...