What To Do With Left-over Pie Dough

Progressive 4-piece Dough Press Set**In a time when going green seems to be the way we want to live, using everything at our disposal instead of throwing it away, makes sense... even for left over pie dough.

Believe it or not, there was a time when women made their own pie crusts and in doing so, there was always pie dough left over. Lucky us... mom made some amazing treats with the dough. So, I thought that I would write up my own list and then go seeing what others did with their dough. Here's what I found.

* roll out the dough, slather on butter, brown sugar, occasionally some nuts if we were especially lucky and then roll it up into a long tube. Cut into 1 inch sections and bake in a hot oven until the brown sugar melted and glazed the little buns.

* if you aren't in favor of the butter and brown sugar mixture, you could spread the dough with preserves and roll up jelly roll fashion and then cut into bite sized nuggets.

*I remember one of my friends mother always made tiny little tart shells and then filled those with preserves. We ate them the second they came out of the oven. What did a burnt tongue matter?? They were so good!

More Ideas :)

*roll out the dough, cut it into little squares and then wrap it around a square of chocolate. Sheer decadence!

Is anyone up for making a batch of pie dough just so that you can play around with all the possibilities??

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Progressive 4-piece Dough Press Set

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