I Hate My Kitchen!!

 Are you tired of the way your house looks?? Maybe you want to sell and you don’t know where to start?  I have definitely been there and done that and it took a long time to know what the problem was. Whatever the reason, making my house appeal to others just wasn’t working.

So, here’s the story.

We were trying to sell our house and nothing seemed to work. And then a real estate agent sent us a proposal. She would list our house, but she was also going to come in and stage it... and it would only cost us one dollar, if we didn’t pull out of the agreement before the allocated time and yes, we had to agree to any asking price that was over 90% of the price we had agreed on!  I have an entire series on this topic... moving from one room to another and I will list all of the changes that she made to each room. Lets move into the  kitchen... here's what she did!

1. Clean everything off the counters and make sure that they shine.

2. Fresh flowers on the table

3. No dirty dishes ANYWHERE and that includes the dishwasher.

4. Kitchen should smell like a bakery. No salmon should be cooked... ever and especially if you are attempting to make a good impression

5. Fresh towels can be hanging from the stove, but make sure that they are brand new. If the kitchen looks as if it is being used, you have missed the mark.

Needless to say, after having our house on the market for a couple of years... yes, a couple of years, our agent managed to sell our house for 95% of the asking price. We are now living in a brand new home that is pretty close to perfect and it's all thanks to an agent, who knew her stuff!!

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