Bumble Bee Potatoes

Boil potatoes and then mash them using just a small amount of milk.To create your Bumble Bee Potatoes, you need the mixture to be relatively dry. Once you have them at the consistency that you need, mound them onto a greased cookie sheet. As you are mounding them, think "beehives".

Slice a large Spanish Onion into rings and then fry in oil until they have softened, but remove from the pan before they begin to brown.

Transfer the onion from the pan and arrange according to size.

Begin with the largest ring and position it over the mound of potatoes. It should fit snugly over the mound. Position 3 more rings over the potato mounds until you reach the top. Can't picture it?? As you begin building your hive, you will see how the name was arrived at.

Continue with the remaining mounds until you are finished. Brush with melted butter and then pop into a hot oven (400 degrees). In about 15 minutes (more or less according to your oven), the beehives should be nicely browned.

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