Saving on Christmas Dinner!!

Christmas Dinner ~ Elegant Saxophone Quintet

1. Dinner eally doesn't have to be so big that you could feed the street.

2. Ask each person to bring something to contribute. This helps out a lot when the family keeps growing and growing. In our family, we now have new wives and boyfriends to add to the number. It won't be long before there will be lots of kids to bring up the numbers.

3. Decide on the menu before hand. That way, you can do some of the baking before hand and then put it into the freezer.

4. If you spot a flyer offering money saving coupons on something you never planned on serving... simply re-work your menu to make it work.

5. Don't ignore generic brands. More often than not, no one will even guess that they aren't name brand. I know that we use them all the time and no one has complained yet!!

6. If you try a wine in a restaurant that you particularly liked, pick up a bottle to serve at dinner or ask for more inexpensive alternatives. Trust me, you can pick up great wines without breaking the bank!

7. Instead of hosting dinner... you might want to consider eating out. We have done this a few times and while it probably won't be cheaper than using some of the tips above, having someone serve you and having no washing up to do afterward is worth every penny!

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