One Grandmother... One Frying Pan

Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron 8-Inch Skillet

My grandmother went all through her life with ONE cast iron frying pan... and I'm thinking of adding to my own collection. They are so convenient and from what I can tell, they never dent or warp... and I've done my fare share of denting and warping baking pans, but that is for another post lol... I like my recipes and my cooking pots fail proof. Cast iron so far hasn't failed me ;) So here's a pan to get you started! They have certainly come down in price!

And did I mention that she even baked all of her cakes in the same frying pan! And yes, we are almost positive that THAT is the reason we can't duplicate her recipes!

Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron 8-Inch Skillet

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