The Rule of 7... Simple Kitchen Mistakes to Correct


We tend to take kitchens pretty much for granted, but there are so many mistakes made in this room. Off the top of my head, I came up with my seven. We just moved into a new house and I'm beginning to notice things that work and things that don't!

1. Kitchens designed poorly... designers need to remember the triangle principal when placing the stove, fridge and sink. The kitchen island can throw it all off. It is really worth considering when you are out looking for a new house.

2. When you buy your fridge... are you thinking about storage or just the fact that it's stainless steel?

3. Buying the most expensive cleaning supplies. I start at the bottom price wise and then work my way up if the product doesn't deliver. More often than not, a cheaper version will do exactly what it promises to do, but for half the price.

4. Painting the kitchen a color that will date it. As much as I dislike saying this, it is better to keep the walls neutral and then use accessories for color. I love vivid walls!

5. If you like to bake, be sure that you create a baking area in your kitchen. This is where all of your ingredients, mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons are located. It just makes sense when you think about it. Took me a while to realize that I had the items I needed ALL OVER the kitchen, when they should have all been in one place.

6. Buy what you need especially when it comes to veggies. You might be tempted to stock up on tons of produce only to have it go moldy by the end of the week because you never got around to using it up. It might be smarter to work in a second visit to the supermarket later in the week. For this reason alone, we bought a house with a supermarket within walking distance of our house. The idea came from my husband's British grandmother who went out shopping on a daily basis. Not only was she as healthy as a horse, she used up what was in the kitchen before it had a chance to go "stale".

7. When I was a kid, it was standard practice to put the salt and pepper shaker on the table for every meal. As a result, we added salt to EVERYTHING. I have really cut back, thanks to high blood pressure and the entire family has lost the taste for it. It's amazing how you can train your taste buds. ;)

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