Seashell Cookie Jar - Bealls Florida Department Store

Will does this Cookie Jar make me feel that I'm in Florida?? Well, just maybe. I have a soft spot for Florida and at we won't be going on vacation for while yet. I need to go now! Yeah, that's the kind of summer we have been having.

Our house was put up for sale at the beginning of the summer and we have had dozens of bare feet wandering through our home. Have you noticed what barefeet does to hardwood floors?? Yeah, I am a wee bit cranky. But luckily it's all over. The house has sold and in a couple of weeks, we will be headed south to look for a new house. I only wish that my husband had been transferred to Florida, but it wasn't to be.

So the Seashell Cookie Jar... Yeah, I think this just might work. ;)

Price: 17.99, Sale Price: 10.79
You save 40%"

Seashell Cookie Jar - Bealls Florida Department Store:

The Best Days of Our Lives

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