Ice Cream Scoop & Stack by Cuisipro

DETAILS... The scoop and stack creates playful, cylinder-shape blocks of ice cream that can be stacked on a cone or decorated in a waffle cup for a colorful and creative presentation. It works with a simple twist-and-lift action and push button to release. The ergonomic scooper effortlessly cuts through the hardest ice cream. Available in pink and white.

* Why is this a good deal?
It's perfect for an inexpensive, but interesting dessert and you are going to love the price. More about that in a bit!

* Who makes/made it?

* What does it have to offer?
A simple twist and lift action and the gadget forms cylinders of ice cream. Ice cream cones are pretty impressive during the summer months, but this takes ice cream to a whole new level. Check out the details above.

* How much does it cost?
$16.00 sounds like quite the bargain to me!

* Talk about the color?
Gadget is available in pink or white.

* Is it good for this time of year??
Oh, I would say that you could use this any time of the year. Summers definitely, but I was just thinking about Christmas desserts as well. You could get awfully fancy with a little imagination! Here's an idea that just popped into my mind.
Using vanilla ice cream, you could serve an elegant dessert with a little help of those silver balls. I know that there is a name for them, but at the moment, it escapes me! And that's just for starters.

* What do I like about it??
I'm most impressed with the fact that the little gadget can manage the hardest ice cream with ease.

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