International Pickle Week

My first pickles!Image by stephee via Flickr

Not sure if you could survive on pickles, but I'm game to give it a try. Okay, I do love pickles, but not sure that I wouldn't get sick to death of them after a few hours. I was watching some diet show last week where you could eat nothing but apples for an entire week, and by the look of the woman giving it a try, I doubt that she will EVER eat another apple... Ever! And the sad thing about it was the fact that she really loved apples. Not so much anymore.

So, you have been warned. For the next two weekends, apparently it is pickle week all around the world. So, what's your favorite pickle?? You had to know that was coming right?? You know, I'm already beginning to regret bringing up the subject at all! That's not a good sign!

May Food Days and Fun

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