In Search of the Perfect Measuring Cups

Okay, I'm sitting in a hotel room and I'm thinking about lunch and the fact that the hotel provides a kitchen but not a measuring cup. We are going to try to wing it (darling daughter and myself) so we will either end up with very watery soup or soup that will take paint off the walls. So, with that in mind I went over to Amazon to see how many different kinds of measuring cups they have over there. I'm warning you now lol... some are dirt cheap and others, well lets just say that I don't cook often enough to be able to justify them. But they would look awfully cool in my kitchen.

Fashion Craft Heart Shaped Measuring Cups - Quantity of 14

Tin Woodsman Pewter Paula Deen Measuring Cups Spoons Super Post Set

Pampered Chef Adjustable Measuring Cup

Pewter Dragonfly Measuring Cups

Sili Silicone Measuring Cup Set

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